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Remembering A Veteran

November 15, 2016  •  6 Comments

I had planned to post this blog before veterans day. I was contacted by a couple that had an unusual photography request. David and Laura needed me to take a picture of a shadow box.

David's father gave his life for his country during WWII. David was only 5 and he told me that he still remembered when his mother got the news. It was hard not to tear up as David spoke about the loss of his father. 

David had beautiful, large shadow box that contained his fathers folded flag, medals and a newspaper article. David & Laura needed a picture of this shadow box so a print could be displayed at a WWII memorial. 

This was completely out of my comfort zone, I take pictures of people! Then there was the glass that covered the shadow box that could not be removed. I told Laura and David that I was more than willing to accept this challenge but made them aware that this was not something I had done before and there was one major obstacle to overcome, glare. 

I googled and I researched how best to do the job. I always want to give my client the best. I really wanted to get a beautiful image for Laura & David. This family has sacrificed so much for their country and this was so important to them. 


                                                                                    Owen K Ellis, Thank you for your sacrifice

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Dennis Kearns(non-registered)
Reminds us of the human cost of war and the sacrifices citizen's are willing to make for just causes. Beautiful, professional work.
Britney Barlow(non-registered)
How amazing to be a part of something so special to this family.
This is such a wonderful project to take on!
Danielle Meredith(non-registered)
Incredible!!! Many thanks to this family for their sacrifice and to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and capturing this sweet, beautiful, memorable image for the family!
Jessica Salort(non-registered)
This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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